Here’s to running your own local franchise beverage company

There’s never been a better time to own a beverage business! With the New Zealand non-alcoholic drinks industry valued at around 1 billion NZ$ and growing 3-4% year on year, this is a great opportunity to join us and build a profitable, valuable business in your district. Join KIWI Beverage Company and become a successful franchisee, selling and distributing our range of New Zealand owned and made beverage products to the route trade.

Behind you all the way

We have all the production equipment, all you need is a small warehouse in your area, some racking, a small electric forklift, a compact car and a delivery van. And of course, the desire to work hard to build your own beverage business.

We’ll fully train you to run your business. We’ve got a full range of new and iconic New Zealand brands, and significant experience in the local beverage market, so you’ll be on the fast track to success.

Ahead of the game

There’s a huge worldwide trend toward no-calorie drinks, and KIWI intend to be at the forefront of this trend and stay there! Most of our products are sugar-free, making them the healthiest drinks in New Zealand.

Our ready-to-go range


  • Rio Gold fruit juice

  • Rio Little Frutti fruit drink

  • Dirty Dog energy drinks

  • Kiwi Fizzy soft drinks

  • Crazy Kea natural & flavoured spring waters

  • Frutee Fabulous Fruit sparkling fruit drinks

  • TIKI Guarana energy drinks

  • BerryGood soft drinks

  • IKON sports drink

  • And more to come!

Ready to make your move?


Please contact David to check if your area is available, and to request an information pack.

Call David on 0275 093 385 or email