IKON energize is a blend of carefully balanced vitamins and minerals engineered to assist recovery during and after exercise.


It puts back what an active lifestyle takes out – but without the sugar found in so many other brands.

Available in three great sugar-free flavours.  (Also available in 800ml)


INGREDIENTS: Water, Acidity Regulator (330, 331),

Natural Flavour, Colour (120, 160a), Sweetener (950, 955),

Preservative (202), Salt, Antioxidant (300).


* Please note that this product has a Best Before date, not an Expiry Date.  Goods that are past their Best  Before date still safe consume.  A Best Before date is merely an indication of when goods should be consumed by at its best quality.  A 'Use By' or 'Expiry' date means the goods are not suitable for sale or consumption.

IKON Orange Sport Drink - 15 x 400ml

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