Our Story

Driven by a passion to make great tasting 'Sugar Free' drinks, we launched Kiwi Beverages Sugar Free, in 2019.  A fantastic range of home-grown

"Sugar Free" beverage products. 

Our products are funky, our flavours are tasty and our brands are cheeky.


We believe Sugar Free doesn't have to be boring!


In 1982, David bought a failing fruit juice company that was going out of business. He was just 22 at the time. 


He worked night and day to save the company and tried very hard to make it successful. The company was called Rio Beverages.

Initially, Rio only made and sold fruit juices. As the 1980s progressed, Rio Beverages launched many new brands, including market leaders like Rio Gold, Ikon, Dirty Dog, Frucci and more.

By the end of the 1990's, Rio had two production factories; one in South Auckland another in Christchurch, with five production lines in total. From a tiny fruit juice business in South Auckland, Rio had grown into a large and successful company with 250 full-time employees.  Rio was sold to Coca-Cola in November 2002.

Since then there have been many changes in the industry. One of the biggest change is the almost total overseas ownership of our NZ beverage industry, and the domination of multi nationals pushing sugar on our children and communities.  

So jump to 2019 - Driven by a passion to make great tasting sugar free drinks, we launched Kiwi Beverages Sugar Free, a fantastic range of home-grown beverage products


Some of our products are old and much-loved favourites from the Rio Beverages days, some are exciting new brands.   

As our products are all produced locally, the profits stay in New Zealand - where they belong. 


Please support us in our quest to bring you the healthiest beverage products in New Zealand.

David & Amanda