Our Product Ranges

We’re using a franchise system to sell and deliver our products to you. Our franchisees are small business
owners who operate in your area. As our products are all produced locally, the profits will stay in New Zealand - where they belong.

Please support us in our quest to bring you the healthiest beverage products in New Zealand.

Rio Gold

Rio Gold was the market leader in the fruit juice category in New Zealand in the late 1990s. Rio Gold is a real blast from the past – with a great new look!

Little Frutti

Like most parents, we’re keen to
teach our children not to be addicted
to sugar beverages as they grow up.
So we’ve made Rio Little Frutti - just for kids! Little Frutti is sugar-free and has only one calorie.

Ikon Energise

Kiwis are an active bunch, so it’s no surprise that sports drinks are such a dynamic and fast-moving beverage category.

IKON energize is a blend of carefully balanced vitamins, minerals and electrolytes engineered to assist recovery during and after exercise. It puts back what an active lifestyle takes out – but without the sugar found in so many other brands.

Our three great sugar-free flavours will have your customers coming back for more.


We are proud to launch a stunning new guarana energy drink into the New Zealand market.

Tiki comes in 3 great flavours:

  • Passion Lime Explosion

  • Big Berry Burst

  • Orange Lemon Smash

Kiwi Fizzy

Kiwi Fizzy is based on my childhood memories of long hot days at the beach, sausages wrapped in bread, and lining up at the local store for a cold soft drink and an ice cream.
It’s time to relive the past and win new hearts with 7 sugar-free fun flavours.

Dirty Dog

The Dirty Dog Range of new age beverages has gathered its own pack of followers, all loyal to the end.

With caffeine and a guarana booster, all five flavours have a distinctive style and bite. Toss in a big attitude and our tongue-in-cheek labelling.


Our Frutee Fabulous Fruits range not only looks amazing, but they are the most delicious sparkling drinks you’ll ever taste!

Berry Good

We guarantee your customers will love BerryGood!

Beautifully presented in lovely teardrop bottles, and with lightly carbonated fruit flavours, BerryGood is perfect on its own or as a mixer.

Crazy Kea

We all know and love that crazy parrot the Kea from the AMI Insurance TV commercial! And I’m sure we’re all glad it’s not us returning from a hike to find our car wrecked by these cheeky birds!

We’ve named our sugar-free water range in honour of the remarkable – and very naughty Kea.

The Kea is an endangered species, so for every bottle sold, we will make an annual donation to Kea Conservation
(see details on the bottles)